We are a nonpartisan group of citizens from the Oswego, NY region concerned with promoting good public policies and resisting bad ones both locally and nationally.

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Mission Statement

We the People of Oswego Indivisible is a non-partisan group of concerned citizens attempting to educate themselves and the public, bring about positive change, and hold elected officials accountable on issues important to citizens of Oswego County.

The organization sponsors Town Hall meetings, invites political leaders to meet with its members to discuss issues, and seeks to support political candidates who have shown an interest in working to address issues important to citizens of Oswego County. Meetings currently involve discussions about government actions affecting healthcare, the environment, equality, and immigration, and this issues list may change over time.

To learn when our meetings take place, please check the events on our Facebook page.

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Want to get in touch with us?

We can be reached through our Facebook or Twitter (see links at the bottom of this page), or with the contact form below.